vertical stories
that sell

learn how to create Instagram & Facebook Stories that turn viewers into customers! 

"my story got 12,000 views and 280 people clicked for more info. 10 years into my biz and you're still teaching me stuff!"

Betty Turner

Inside create vertical stories that sell

Learn how to...

🚀  Never run out of interesting content ideas that sell, goodbye boring!

🚀  Attract new viewers & new customers via stories 

🚀  Be consistent posting stories without spending hours in creation mode

🚀  Find out my hacks to increase views, clicks & engagement

Want to create IG & FB stories that result in more sales? 

This workshop is for you!


❌ Less than 3 seconds to capture attention.
❌ Stock photos don’t cut it.
❌ Newsfeed posts don’t fit the format.
❌ Message must be short yet effective.
❌ No one likes boring content on repeat.    

Tough crowd, huh?    
But don’t give up on stories yet. 

It’s possible to create amazing vertical stories that...  

⚡️ Grow your know, like & trust 24/7!
⚡️ Full of value your connections keep coming back!  
⚡️ Viewers take the exact action you want in <3 seconds.  
⚡️ Easy to make, no "extra" apps

Find out how inside this workshop!

⚡️ “I'm finally getting a lot of engagement on my stories! I got 7 responses to a business related poll story, which never happens!”  —K.W.

⚡️“So brilliant! I love the fact that you give us practical ideas we can implement immediately…and down the road. You tell us what’s good, what’s not good & what’s downright terrible.” —E.R.

⚡️"From what I learned in this workshop, I did a video in my stories today and already got a new customer. I have way more people engaging now!” —L.B.

meet steph.
your stories guide.

🤼‍♂️  Mom of two boys
🐶  Dog lover for life
⛰  Outdoor adventurer &
🤑  Marketing is my jam!

i help small biz owners grow their influence & profits online using digital strategies that actually work.

i’ve been teaching people how to create FB & IG stories since 2018. my youtube tutorials on stories have 215,000+ views!

the magic happens inside my stories workshop!

create vertical stories that sell
you receive:

"the strategies that Stephanie teaches... they WORK! on a story today someone voted and one hour later she's a new client!"

Daveda Schmidlin

what are you waiting for?

learn how to create Instagram & Facebook Stories that turn viewers into customers!

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