why youtube

do people find YOU when they search on google for answers? as a youtuber, you immediately establish your expertise. plus, search works for you 24/7.

"how did you find me?"
"oh i was searching google and your youtube video popped up."

99% of my new clients tell me this during our onboarding call. to the point that now i expect to hear it. 

the power of being found is not underrated. 

this is by far one of the best benefits of establishing and growing a youtube channel.

but it isn't the only one.

other benefits of youtube include:

you establish yourself as an authority and build your reputation.

you create a trust relationship with your viewers by sharing in-depth content.

you create evergreen content that continues to work for you, year after year. 

(example -- i published this youtube video almost 3 years ago and it still gets new views every single day.)

you save time! instead of seeking people out, they find you!

while my youtube channel is relatively small (at time of writing this i am just under 7k subs), i get quality leads from youtube every single day.

and this consistent traffic is one of four key components in my business that's helped me hit 20k months in my business. 

if you're looking to start or grow your youtube channel, i can help.

inside the pack i help small business owners with youtube every day.

why not you?

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